Hofstee Preventie Service

Hofstee Prevention Service is a wholesaler that has developed into a versatile company. At the start in 1992 under the name Hofstee Autolaks, with Foppe and Annie Hofstee as founders, the company mainly focused on automotive and agricultural mechanization coatings. At the end of the 1990s, the industrial paint part was added and HPS presented itself, after the takeover of Beltman Autolaks BV, under the name Hofstee Beltman Autolaks. The penultimate name change took place in 2002 Hofstee Paint Service.

Co-operation with


In 2005, HPS successfully entered the market for passive fire-resistant materials. In Astroflame, HPS has found a solid and experienced partner in this important aspect of fire safety.

Hans Laufer
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