Fire safety logbook

A fire safety log book is essential for coordinating and maintaining a fire safety record system. A fire safety logbook is almost an indispensable tool for fire safety. It is the registration of transits in the broadest sense of the word and easy and quick to archive.

How does the fire safety book work?

A fire safety book is very easy to use. This is one of the biggest advantages of an electronic logbook. The first step is to perform maintenance on, for example, a building. Then you enter the data correctly in the fire safety log book. If something is entered incorrectly here, you can always change it later with the QR-sticker. After processing the information, you can print the QR sticker. Stick the sticker on the place of the completed work. Management or colleagues can scan this code with their phone or tablet. They gain access to maintenance information and can make updates or changes here. You only print the QR sticker for a location once. The updates are automatically made from a certain location, you do not have to print a new sticker for this.

As you can read, using a fire safety book is very simple. Databook® has developed a logbook that should not be ‘rocket science’ in use. Paper records can be extremely cluttered, it’s a waste of time and you can’t easily search for information in the logbook. This increases the workload and this can cause stress in the workplace.

Is the fire safety log book something for you?

The digital log offers several advantages compared to the paper records. Logs are often manually checked out and updated. That is time consuming. Databook® has developed a logbook based on the vision that a logbook should not be “higher mathematics”. In other words, anyone who knows what a keyboard looks like and works with should be able to create the log. Are you interested in our digital logbook? Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.

Hans Laufer
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