Fire-resistant conduits and sealings logbook

Maintenance and use of a building is an ongoing process. Over time, changes will take place that do not always improve fire safety. To ensure that the fire safety of yourself, employees and visitors is not endangered, a logbook of fire-resistant conduits and sealings is a useful and important part. With this you avoid major repair costs for repairing defects in your fire divisions and you will not be faced with major surprises.

What is a logbook?

A Databook digital log contains all relevant data relating to the objects or situation from which a log should come. This can be determined by law (by means of the building code) or purely for convenience for the maintenance of certain objects. In the Databook logbook you can maintain all kinds of things for which you want to maintain a logging system and ignore your paper administration. With a small adjustment in our system, the log can be used for almost any form of maintenance. The biggest advantage is that our logbook is digital and accessible on multiple devices. With a paper log you often lose the overview, it is time-consuming to keep track of and it can lead to a high workload.

Online registration databook

A digital log gives you a clear and orderly view of all logs. Changes can easily be made in the logbook and all relevant information is directly accessible using the QR code. The log can be opened online and offline. So what's holding you back?

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Hans Laufer
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