Onsite records storage

In the information age, the focus is increasingly on onsite records storage. Due to an increase in legal obligations and changes in work processes, companies have to become increasingly involved in data management.

Store your data online

Do you work with a paper archive? Store your data online with Databook. A paper archive isn’t clear and efficient. Our logbook is suitable for maintenance and for the fire safety of your building. You can easily record changes, such as repairs and checks, in the digital logbook. Paste a QR code at the appropriate place where the maintenance is performed. As a result, the latest maintenance status can be requested at a later stage with a mobile or tablet.

The advantages of onsite records storage

An onsite records storage has several advantages. A paper archive often provides little or no overview, is very time-consuming and can lead to an increased workload. Databook takes this problem off your hands. With the onsite records storage you do not have to search for hours for a document, but everything is clearly arranged in your app on your phone, tablet or computer. When you have completed the work or maintenance, you can easily make a registration and colleagues or other parties will not be faced with surprises. But how exactly does the log work?

How does the online logbook work?

First you enter the various data into the system about the environment and current situation. When this has been completed correctly, you can print the QR sticker. You place this sticker with the completed work and a description (update) will be added to the logbook. Thanks to our innovative system, your data will be digitally available everywhere from that moment on. When a repair is made later, the changes can very easily be implemented again in the system so that an extensive log is created. Ideal for inspections regarding the fire safety of your building, but also useful for regular maintenance.

Do you have questions about our onsite records storage? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly inform you about the applications and possibilities.

Hans Laufer
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