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The annual costs for the use and maintenance of the program are € 60.00 per month. (€ 720.00 per year). In addition, you purchase a number of lines/savings for a one-off amount.

Invoicing in advance per year in January of the relevant year. In case of early boarding, the remaining months up to 1 January are calculated. The current month before the 15th of that month is calculated as a full month. If a contract is concluded after the 15th, invoices will be issued from the 1st of the following month. Download the price list with all prices here.


Layout changes
It is possible to customize the layout of the program. Your own name and address details and logo can be used. Making changes within the standard layout such as adding options is also possible. For this work, a quote will be discussed with your wishes incorporated

Own website
Your logbook system will be placed on a website that is specific to you. The name of your company, supplemented with, will usually be the URL of this website. The costs for this service are included in the annual subscription fee.

In addition to the basic package, you can also choose to link a discount module to the package. This allows you to determine the price for invoicing after entering. This saves you a lot of time and therefore costs. When you work with fixed unit prices, you can easily determine what you need to invoice with this module. Within this module you can indicate which rules/penetrations must be calculated. The program calculates these and totals the data. You can achieve significant time savings with this option. It is no longer necessary to enter the data twice to be able to send an invoice. Your logbook is also ready immediately and, if desired, you can have the amount to be invoiced and the log ready in 1 action.

The purchase costs for the module discount is a one-off € 750.00.

Working off-line
You can work in the program without an internet connection. Before you go to the workplace, you can download the software and synchronize it again with the online program after editing.


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