Digital logbook

Databook is an electronic logbook for maintenance, inspection and fire safety. A Logbook is an advanced computer-based replacement for traditional paper-based log books. In this logbook you can easily record changes, such as repairs and checks. You enter these changes in the digital logbook. In this way, everyone is aware of the changes or maintenance at a particular location

This is how the digital logbook works

At first you enter the data in the system regarding the environment and the current situation. When this has been entered correctly, you can print the QR sticker. You stick this sticker with the completed work and a description (update) is added to the electronic logbook. Our innovative system ensures that your data is digitally available from that moment on. Colleagues or maintenance technicians can view this data so that they are always aware of the latest updates.They only have to scan the QR code with a mobile phone or tablet. Below you can read the different steps of adding a log in the online logbook.

  1. You’ve completed the work and it is necessary to register it
  2. Enter the data in the logbook
  3. Print a QR-sticker
  4. Affix the QR-sticker on completed work
  5. From now all the information is digitally available

Isn’t it simple? Paper records can be extremely cluttered, it’s a waste of time and you can’t easily search for information in the logbook. This increases the workload and this can cause stress in the workplace.

The advantages of a digital logbook

Logbooks are often manual and offline, which is very time-consuming. Everything is mostly accompanied by pen and paper, while it is much easier to keep a logbook electronic. Databook® has developed a logbook that should not be ‘rocket science’ in use. A logbook that shows the current status of management and maintenance at any time. The log can also be read remotely and is available on various devices. The advantages of Databook at a glance:

  • Digital overview
  • Add information quickly
  • QR-system
  • Both online and offline

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Hans Laufer
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