Maintenance logbook

The digital logbook is not only suitable for registering data regarding fire prevention, but it is also useful to keep track of regular maintenance activities. In the case of repairs and checks, it is important to document the changes in a structural and accessible way. Usually, this work is done with a paper archive. When using a paper archive, documenting the (new) data can feel inefficient and takes quite a lot of your time. A digital maintenance logbook will prevent this. Registering any changes can be done in no time! 

The benefits of a digital maintenance logbook

At Databook we want to make the registration of transits as quickly and smoothly as possible. This vision is reflected in the ease of use of our digital maintenance logbook. During the next service, you can enter all of the relevant data in our online database. Based on this information, you can print a QR code that can be placed on the location of the completed work. After this, all the data will be available online and accessible from different devices.  Whenever the place requires another inspection or repair in the future, simply scan the code and you will have access to the data from the maintenance logbook within a couple of seconds. These can, thereafter, be easily updated or supplemented. 

Further information

Understandably, you have further questions about Databook, the maintenance logbook, or the pricing of our product. In that case, you can always contact our team. They will be happy to help you!


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