Passive fire register

After the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 it is mandatory to test fire safety devices and equipment. This allows organizations to ensure that this type of equipment is working in good order. Buildings must have a properly working fire safety system. This literally can save people's lives. Although we can all agree that it is important to keep track of all the data, it can be time-consuming work. Especially in an old-school, manual paper logbook. The passive fire register can solve this issue. Using the digital logbook, data can be accessed from anywhere, and filling in updated information after maintenance is done in a split second.

How do I use the passive logbook?

With the logbook from Databook, you can affix a QR code on the site of the completed work. This only has to be done once. In the future, colleagues or maintenance workers can easily check the current state of the logbook when scanning this code. After this, they will be able to read, adjust or update the provided information. This makes the software not only useful as a fire register, but also as a maintenance logbook. In this way, people within your organization and other stakeholders, gain access to a passive logbook where a messy, handwritten logbook becomes a thing to the past. 

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