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When purchasing the logbook, your logo appearance will be prominently displayed on your own logbook site.

When using the logbook via Hofstee Prevention Service, you have the option to place your logo once in the logbook.

When you purchase your own logbook, the number of projects to be added is unlimited.

When you purchase the logbook through the ELB, you can create 1 logbook per project.

Yes this is possible.

Your client  can change that data in the assigned log that you allow. This can be indicated in your logbook system when the project is created.

In ELB, your client can only access the data with a read function.

In principle, for every situation where data must be kept and inspection changes must be kept in a simple way. The log can be supplied “tailer-made”.

The ELB is only suitable for fire safety.

A choice is made in the desired logs, Premium, Basic and Lite. These are respectively €1,500.00, €1,000.00 and €500.00. Added to this are the costs of purchasing the rules to be able to store data. When the logbook is delivered “tailor-made” the development costs will also be passed on. Finally, a subscription is concluded for € 720.00 per year.

When you purchase € 20,000.00 per year (ex VAT) or more from Hofstee Prevention Service, the purchase of the logbook is free for you and you do not pay a subscription for the first year. This saves you € 1,500.00 for the purchase and € 720.00 being € 2,220.00. Note that this promotion runs from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

The costs of an ELB can be found in the price list, which can be found on the website

When you have purchased the Premium system you can make a PDF backup on your own computer.

That is possible. You can get any language you want for an additional cost.

This is not possible with an ELB.


Yes, you can if you have purchased a Premium package.

This is not possible in the ELB, the lite package and the basic package.

No, the system works from a remote server. This prevents the system from working and being accessible at all times.

That's certainly possible.

This is not possible in the ELB.


We can set up the system in such a way that you only print the QR code, after which you can add it on your own stickers. This also applies to all other information that must be stated on the sticker.

This is not possible in the ELB.

This is possible after the person who made the breakthrough scans the QR code and chooses the option to report this breakthrough.

This is not possible in the ELB.

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