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Do you still work with a paper archive? And do you find this cluttered and time-consuming? Databook® online is the digital archive that is very easy to use and in the logbook everything is organized online. In addition to the fire safety of your building, our logbook is also suitable for keeping track of regular maintenance. You can easily record changes, such as repairs and checks, in the digital logbook.

What is an online Databook?

A digital log from Databook® contains all relevant data related to the objects or situation from which a log should come. This can be legally determined (by means of the Building Decree) or purely for convenience for the maintenance of certain objects. With the online logbook you can ignore the maintenance of paper administration, because you process all this data in the Databook®. This means that the data is always available and changes can be made easily. With a small adjustment in the system, we can make the logbook usable in almost any form of maintenance. The biggest advantage is that our logbook is digital and accessible on multiple devices. With a paper log you often lose the overview, it is time-consuming to keep track of and it can lead to a high workload.

Databook® is much easier to use. You start by entering data in the logbook, then you print out the QR sticker and place it at the maintenance location. This ensures that everyone is aware of the performed work. They can scan the code with their phone or tablet and view the data.


In addition to simplicity, a log must contain all relevant data related to the objects and/or the situation from which a log should come. Whether this is legally determined (Building Decree) or purely out of convenience for the maintenance of objects. Databook® has succeeded in this. With the Databook log you can maintain all the things you want a log system for. The Databook® log is designed in such a way that with a simple adjustment the system can be used for almost any type of maintenance. This includes legionella systems, valves, doors, extinguishers, cars, fire-safe penetrations, etc.

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