Electronic logbook

An electronic logbook can save plenty of time when doing administrative tasks such as inspection and maintenance jobs. Databook’s electronic logbook is a replacement for the traditional paper archive. Reporting data in an old-fashioned way takes a lot of time. This is because the data must be filled-in manually. With the digitization of this process, you will save a considerable amount of time and store all the data in a clear overview.

How the electronic logbook works

The electronic logbook can be used in a simple, yet effective way. This contributes to a structural workflow within your business. The process looks like this: 

1. Data
After the work has been done, you provide all the relevant details in our database. For example information about the current situation and surroundings. 

2. QR code
As soon as the information is filled in correctly, you will be able to print a QR code. You can attach the sticker to the location where you completed the work. From this moment forward, the logbook is available online. 

3. Modifications
Whenever a repair or inspection needs to be done, the data can be easily requested thanks to the QR code. In this way, the information can be easily adjusted or updated. Furthermore, the electronic logbook can be accessed remotely and from different devices. In this way, Databooks software offers a great solution for regular maintenance or fire safety inspections.


If you are interested in using the electronic logbook, you can always request a demo or quote. Spoiler alert: you will be surprised how affordable our product is! Having questions? Feel free to contact us! 

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