Cluttered paper records

Are you still working with paper records? Is your archive extremely cluttered and do you waste too much time searching for the correct documents? A lot of entrepreneurs (in particular from the construction sector) notice that their old-fashioned, paper archive results in unnecessary searching which results in a high workload. If this sounds familiar, keep reading! Databook is the answer to your problems!

Databook offers a solution; the online archive

Databook is the replacement for your paper records because everything is recorded digitally. Activities, notes and documentation are altogether within the same (digital) archive. Below we explain the process of Databook to make clear how it exactly works.

How it works: Databook

Imagine you're working on a construction site. When the work is done, you need to register it. Normally you needed pen and paper to register it and the records would be placed into some kind of binder. Now, everything you do will be registered within your digital archive by entering the data using a laptop, tablet or mobile

As soon as the data is entered correctly, you can print a QR-sticker. The QR-sticker can then be affixed to the completed work. Through the system, all of your data is now digitally available. When there is any inspection or check-up for the current state, you can easily scan the sticker with your mobile or tablet and retrieve all the data you need.

Because every record is digitally available, you can make changes easily throughout the day. In addition, your digital archive is accessible for every stakeholder.

Available in different packages

Databook is available in 3 different packages so that every user pays for what he really needs. Our packages are:

  • Lite (basic system)
  • Standaard (Backup, calculation, offers, invoices, report defects by mail)
  • Premium (Backup, calculation, offers, invoices, report defects by mail, blueprints, offline accessible)

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