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Databook is established from the need to easily and quickly archive the registration of implementations in the broadest sense of the word.

Logbooks are often manually elaborated and updated. This is rather long-winded and time-consuming. Databook® has developed a logbook based on the vision that a logbook should not be “rocket science”. In other words: Anyone who knows what a keyboard looks like and uses this sometimes should be able to create a logbook.

Apart from simplicity, a logbook should contain all relevant data that is related to the objects and/or the situation for which a log should be created. Whether this is determined by law (Building Act) or pure for comfort for the maintenance of objects. Databook has definitely succeeded in this. With the logbook of Databook you can maintain all items for which you require a log system. The logbook of Databook is designed in such a way that the system can be easily deployed with a simple adjustment, with almost any type of maintenance. For example, legionella systems, valves, doors, fire extinguishers, car, fire-proof implementations, etc.

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Hans Laufer
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