New smoking rules - Smoking legislation – NEN6075-2020

New smoking rules - Smoking legislation – NEN6075-2020

Since July 2021, the new smoking legislation has been included in the Bouwbesluit 2012. This is quite difficult for the various disciplines in the construction industry:

  • The installer of ventilation systems must ensure that the fire dampers close in the event of smoke.
  • The wall builder ensures that all seams are sealed.
  • The E-installer provides the inside of flush-mounted boxes with a kind of putty pad to prevent breakdown through the pipes.
  • The door supplier places rubber sealing and drop sills on doors.

And there are many more things to mention.

Fire Safety Building Netherlands has published a white paper for the application of fire dampers. This can be downloaded from the website (NL only).

The smoking rules are aimed at new construction situations

But this can also be the case with complete renovations. Check if the building plans have been tested. In most cases this will be existing construction, but in some cases the new construction lat is also used. In such a situation, prevention is better than cure.

Hans Laufer
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